Issue 2/2011 - JLCL

Issue 2/2016 – JLCL –
Editors: Francesco Mambrini, Marco Passarotti, Caroline Sporleder


Gregory Crane: Linguistic Annotation, the Reunification of Linguistics and Philology, and the Reinvention of the Humanities for a Global Age

Kristin Bech, Kristine Gunn Eide: The Annotation of Morphology, Syntax and Information Structure in a Multilayered Diachronic Corpus

Stefanie Dipper: Morphological and Part-of-Speech Tagging of Historical Language Data: A Comparison

Asif Ekbal,Francesca Bonin, Sriparna Saha, Egon Stemle, Eduard Barbu, Fabio Cavulli, Christian Girardi, Massimo Poesio: Rapid Adaptation of NE Resolvers for
Humanities Domains using Active Annotation

Voula Giouli: Annotating Corpora from Various Sources in the Humanities Domain

Iris Hendrickx and Rita Marquilhas: From Old Texts to Modern Spellings: An Experiment in Automatic Normalisation

Stefan Höfler and Michael Piotrowski: Building Corpora for the Philological Study of Swiss Legal Texts

Dain Kaplan, Ryu Iida, Kikuko Nishina and Takenobu Tokunaga: Slate – A Tool for Creating and Maintaining Annotated Corpora

Timo Korkiakangas and Marco Passarotti: Challenges in Annotating Medieval Latin Charters

Cerstin Mahlow and Britta Juska-Bacher: New High German Texts for Evidence of Phrasemes

Massimo Manca, Linda Spinazzè, Paolo Mastandrea, Luigi Tessarolo and Federico Boschetti: Musisque Deoque: Text Retrieval on Critical Editionse

Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson, Anton Karl Ingason, Einar Freyr Sigurðsson and Joel Wallenberg: Creating a Dual-Purpose Treebank

Arne Skjærholt: More, Faster: Accelerated Corpus Annotation with Statistical Taggers

Maria Sukhareva, Zahurul Islam, Armin Hoenen and Alexander Mehler: A Three-Step Model of Language Detection in Multilingual Ancient Texts